Guided Estuary Fishing in the Umzimkulu


R100 an hour gets you estuary fishing with a professional guide and a boat in the Umzimkulu. Tackle by Mydo. Rods and reels available too.


Guided Estuary Fishing in the Umzimkulu

Our new pricing for the Guided Estuary Fishing in the Umzimkulu option makes it affordable for everyone to come fishing!

R120 an hour!

There is a minimum set at R800, so you can come fishing on your own for the five hours. Or bring five friends for one hour! Either way you construct your estuary fishing trip in the Umzimkulu with us – lets goooooo!

We have Mydo lures available for sale here. We have bait. We have rods and reels for rent at, you guessed it, R50 an hour! They are also for sale btw…

We drag lures wherever we go. Between the major attractions and structure distributed throughout our 3km range. There are sandbanks. Drop-offs. Channels. Beaches. And even reefs to fish. Some places are 12 m deep at times. But mainly we will be between 1m and 3m which is great for the fish we are after. We cast poppers and all sorts to the surface feeding gamefish and the strikes are absolutely unforgettable.

There is a clear blue layer of seawater underneath the top brackish salty slightly discoloured look on top during the dry season. Watch the videos! In summertime the river goes brown and all kinds of crazy things happen. The prawns pop. There are many kob in the brown water. And the odd goliath grunter come out in the orange brown.

We run an estuary fishing in the Umzimkulu Channel on YouTube for you to research properly with. And here it is right HERE!

Rock Salmon. Perch. Grunter. All kinds of kingfish (trevallies). Kob. Tarpon. Its a mighty list and features many of your bucket list fish.

The fishing is challenging but rewarding as you chase down your trophy estuary gamefish. You will have to cast a helluva lot to get on the good side of the luck stick. Using singles is the only way when tagging and releasing but we resort to trebles when the fish are feeding shy. Which is often! We endeavour to tag and release every fish we can. We work closely with the Oceanographic Research Institute whom we have tagging fish for, reported on and being otherwise involved with for 30 years.

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