MYDO Estuary Outfit


The MYDO Estuary Outfit is a perfectly balanced rig at a perfectly balanced price. Delivered to you at home or here to meet you upon arrival. Lures included in a cool box called the MYDO Estuary Pack.


MYDO Estuary Outfit

The MYDO Estuary Outfit is assembled to suit every fishing challenge that the estuaries and harbours of KZN Natal can throw at you. Spinning from the shore, or boat. Live baiting the channels. Casting into surf for kob, or shad. Targeting a boiling kingfish a hundred metres away…

The rod is based on a proven Sensation blank and is finished beautifully. The ‘coffee grinder’ spinning reel filled with high-spun casting braid and features metal gears with enough power for anything inshore, or even offshore. We fish with 30lb specification tackle which gives the extra capacity required for targeting big fish. Meaning the outfit is extremely useful on the ocean as an ever-important flick stick.


The instructions that come with the MYDO Estuary Outfit can be viewed or downloaded right here at and cover all the scenarios that you could find yourself in, down on the estuary.

You can order and pay for your MYDO Estuary Outfit right here online, and the rig will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the lodge. Or it can rather be despatched to you to your home, or anywhere in South Africa really.

We are on Facebook at and we run a YouTube Channel filled with video and action from the Umzimkulu Marina right here. Post by The Sardine News and website by TLC E-Commerce.


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