MYDO Estuary Pack


Fish the Umzimkulu River or any other estuary effectively with the tackle included in the MYDO Estuary Box. Available right here at the Umzimkulu Marina, or it can be sent to you anywhere in South Africa. Real nice gift for your favourite angler.


MYDO Estuary Pack

The super-cool MYDO Estuary Pack is a neat little fishing box filled with the right tackle to take on the wide variety of fish that swim the waters of the Umzimkulu River.

Saltwater rushes into the estuary at every high tide, bringing with it all sorts of marine animals like fish, turtles and even sharks! At low tide the river flushes right out again, and this cycle is what life in the river depends upon.


We like to fish with live bait (mullet, prawn, silver bream, shad) or lures (included in the box), but a well-presented sardine fillet catches everything the easy way. A sardine head or guts bait is another sure-fire bait. We use circle hooks which really hook up far more, and are so much easier on the fish when removing the hook. We release all our fish, down here in the river, but you are welcome to keep one or two nice fish to feast on.

What’s inside the MYDO Estuary Box?

Included with your MYDO Estuary Box is enough tackle to handle any fishing situation down on the estuary. On the banks, the beach, or from the boat, you have the whole lot. With instructions!

This is what is inside:

  • jig fly pack
  • MYDO Luck Shot #1
  • MYDO Luck Shot #2
  • MYDO SS Spoon
  • Live-bait trace with sinker
  • Bait-trace with sinker
  • Clip swivel
  • MYDO Sticker
  • Instructions

The box itself is strong polypropylene – my favourite plastic as it lasts forever, and yet is completely recyclable – and easily, at that. It’s good plastic (if you need to learn more about recycling plastic click right here – it’s part of our mission).

The instructions for the MYDO Estuary Pack can be viewed or downloaded at the following link…

We are on Facebook at and we run a YouTube Channel filled with video and action from the Umzimkulu Marina right here. Post by The Sardine News and website by TLC E-Commerce.


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