Great looking water in the Umzimkulu for catching fish right now!

Nice fish! Yussuf and Hamza Spotted Grunter

Great looking water in the Umzimkulu for catching fish right now!

There is great looking water in the Umzimkulu for catching fish right now!

It’s brown. But only on top! Underneath the brown layer of water, is the clean stuff. At high tides you can see the two bodies of water interacting and forming seams all over the estuary. And on these seams, do the gamefish hunt.

On these nice and high tides (we are in a fairly decent spring tide system at the moment, with quite a high co-efficient), as we cruise, the propwash churns up the top layer allowing the clean layer to come up to the surface. These are very good fishing conditions.

We have bookings for today, and tomorrow and Saturday is fully booked, but the rest of the time and tides, we are available to fish.

The boat is a retired commercial fisher and is so much fun as a fishing platform. Licensed for 17 (parties and things), we are very comfortably able to fish 4 to 6 people. There is bench seating along the length of each gunwhale, and the boat, being a catamaran design, is completely stable.

And safe! The boat has life jackets for everyone. It has two motors. And experienced skippers.

Grunter water

Grunter like the water dirty. And they love a live prawn! And right now there are prawns available, easy to catch, with a cast net. Right from the jetty at the Umzimkulu Marina.

Nice fish! Yussuf and Hamza Spotted Grunter
Yussuf and Hamza Spotted Grunter

You might be lucky enough to get not just prawns, but little fingerling mullet too. We have even gotten ourselves a few live shad from the cast net. Chuck one of these baits out off the back on a slow troll down rock salmon alley and you will be in for some serious fun. Giant Trevally and all of it’s cousins patrol these channels. Big eye. Blacktip. Yellowfin…

And then there are other gamefish to hunt. With lures or bait. Flagtails jump on a plastic lure, and they fight so good. A worthy fish. Little kobbies also readily take a dropshot and a soft bait. And the biggest kob so far came in at 36kg’s and was caught just a few years back, from the wharf at Spiller’s. We get the square tail kob too, and the tasty little snapper salmon too. And some huge barbel! 30kgs plus!

My most fun catches in the Umzimkulu Estuary were the ox-eye tarpon that I caught on the troll, a fish that tested my skills the max as it fought exactly like it’s huge cousins from the West. It tail walked, cartwheeled and everything a real tarpon does. It took all the line off the reel on the first run and we had to turn the boat real fast to give chase. he fight lasted a good nerve-wracking twenty minutes before we got the boat on deck, photographed, and released. These fish come from way up the river, where they live in fresh water. And then come down to the salt to spawn, before heading back up the river. Man what a fish! The. One day, making a huge noise on the parked boat, up the big hole, I was casting and casting until bang! I though it was another tarpon. It wasn’t. It was a beautiful cute looking little Zambezi shark! Both of these fish were also caught on video, you can enjoy the zambezi catch right here, which will lead you to the very many other videos of catches we have on YouTube.

This is the link to the Umzimkulu Marina fish-catching playlist…


Shad come in the river too. River perch love it here, the biggest that we caught being up to 4kg’s! We even got a double strike from a shoal of perch – on lures, one time!


The Umzimkulu Marina is a fantastic family getaway spot. Kids love it here! Especially fishing kids! The chalets are self-catering and sleep from couples, up to 6 sleepers. There are four units available. Parking is off-street and secure. You can fish right out front of your chalet. Prices range from R600 to R1800 per unit.

If you stay at the lodge, then boat fishing and cruising trips are half the price that we offer to the public. For the public, we charge R100 per person per hour, minimum R800. Two to three hour trips are great for fishing. We fish the mouth area on the incoming tide, and move up to the big hole (12m), as the water slackens. Along the way trolling for gamefish with lures. Spinning off the front whilst on the slow troll produces the most fish for sure. A well-placed cast can result in an explosive surface strike, right in front of your eyes!

Fishing School is back on at The Umzimkulu Marina for July 2017 holidays
Fish keeping the kids very busy!

The MYDO Lure factory is also located right on-site at the lodge, and you will be welcome to take a tour and buy a few lures designed exactly for fishing the waters of the Umzimkulu River, and the other estuaries around here. The factory produces the SS Spoon range, MYDO Luck Shots, and MYDO Baitswimmers. You can read all about the MYDO at the following link: http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/

This fish fell to a MYDO Luck Shot dressed up with a soft plastic from Gummy

This tasty little kob fell for a MYDO LuckShot dressed up in a nice and soft plastic from Gummy.

Venue hire

You can learn more about the Umzimkulu Marina and it’s facilities including being a great venue for smaller weddings and celebrations, at the Umzimkulu Marina website on http://umzimkulu.co.za. For venue hire, we have a 80 seater tent, and dedicated ablutions and braai facilities.

Get in touch with Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com or WhatsApp +27793269671, anytime.

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