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Umzimkulu News Nov’19

Turtle in the Umzimkulu News too, he was upside down in the river?!

Umzimkulu News Nov’ 19

Umzimkulu News: Well it’s been a busy time down on the river, as summer has unfolded. Bringing with it the rain. Which brings the fish!

Jason-Heyne-from-MasterWatermen-with-early-season-couta makes the Umzimkulu News
Jason Heyne from MasterWatermen with early-season couta makes the Umzimkulu News

This theory is supported and backed up by Jason of MasterWatermen, who just this week shot his first ‘couta of the season. Jason reckons that the brown water stimulates the ocean radically, as horse mackerel and all sorts of bait converge.

Chuck in a few late pockets of sardines and you really have a good recipe for summer gamefish in Natal waters right now.

Umzimkulu News:  Fishing Report

Jarrid Gallagher with his lekka lekka 6kg Dorado also makes the Umzimkulu News
Jarrid Gallagher with his lekka lekka 6kg Dorado also makes the Umzimkulu News

Well as you can see from pic, the dorado have also come to the party. Jarrid look’s stoked with his 6kg model. These fish also come running when the river’s break through bringing down with them all that delicious brown water.

Some gas bottle sized tuna have been spotted on the backline, with one of 27kg’s reported so far.

And we know the couta are here because of Jason’s fish above.

And that nice-looking yellowtail at Orange Rocks in the gallery proves that these formidable guys are also around.

The river mouth is open so it’s all lining for a great fishing season.

Upside down turtle?!

Yip, found in the river, lying on it’s back? So, the kids simply righted the rather big animal. And it just swam off fine.

We get plenty of turtles in the river, adding to the wildlife you can encounter in the rich estuary zone. Fish eagles. Otters. All the birds. Even sharks! We have been bumping into more and more free-swimming sharks in the river. And anglers catch and release them every now and then, whilst fishing for kob or rock salmon.


But the biggest news of the year must be Moo Fraser and family, discovering and diving with a genuine coelacanth, in 67m off Pumula somewhere?!

It’s very surprising then, that nobody fishing that area has hooked a coelacanth?! This is the exact waters where those huge copper steenbras and amberjack come from. Maybe the coelacanth are way too developed to take a live bait with huge visible hooks hanging out of it.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Umzimkulu News roundup for November 2019. Get in touch if you would like to plan a fishing holiday for the family or group of friends.

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