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Really good kingfish in the Umzimkulu lately

Really good kingfish in the Umzimkulu lately

There has been some Really good kingfish in the Umzimkulu lately, in amongst kob, shad, rock salmon and some huge grunter!

We have a great run and overall our charter trips on the river in the past two weeks, have released over 20 estuarine gamefish.

Dustin van Biljon showing who's who at Fishin's Cool, down on The Umzimkulu River. Another baby giant kingfish on the Mydo Luck Shot #1
Dustin van Biljon showing who’s who at Fishin’s Cool, down on The Umzimkulu River. Another baby giant kingfish on the Mydo Luck Shot #1

The fish are readily taking our little Mydos, and two old rapalas, from the eighties. These benchmark old lures are black on top, a bit of gold and leading to silver/white bellies. We straightened the older hooks twice in one afternoon – the fish screamed off so fast that even with hardly any drag the hooks failed. The Mydos have been the #1 Luck Shots, with either a firetiger paddletail about 4 inches only, or clear/white split tails same size. These lures are rigged with 3/0 to 5/0 Mustad Kendall Round or O’Shaugnessy singles. Strong and reliable. And easy to remove for quick releasing fish with minimal damage.

There are many ways for you to get fishing with us on The Umzimkulu. The easiest is to come stay a few days. You get half-price boat excursions as a guest. And you can fish from the bank or jetties all day and night. It’s where we caught a bunch of grunter on Friday night.

Or take us up on a guided sport fishing estuary and surf package. Where we use the boats to get ourselves into all sorts of fishing opportunities. Loading the boat with coolers boxes and even a braai, keeps us on the water for ages! Parking the boat under the Umzimkulu bridge means you can fish the estuary side and cast into the surf from the famed Sandspit. And you don’t have to carry a thing! Perfectly safe too. Cars parked at the lodge is secure way off street parking.

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