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Catching and releasing GT’s and Spotted Grunter in the afternoon

A GT and four spotted grunter released in one evening at The Umzimkulu Marina

Catching and releasing GT’s and Spotted Grunter in the afternoon

The Umzimkulu is in pristine shape right now, slightly smelly in some places, but the fish seem to dig it. The water is however crystal clean, even at low tide. These huge tides are a great opportunity to see it at low tide, and fish it all at high tide.

This trip, read all about it below, gave us two species. A GT and 4 Spotted Grunter. All of which were released healthily back into the river, except for one lovely fish that went home for the currying pot.


Umzimkulu GT in the evening

It’s also the beginning (both have kicked off), of the sardine run, and the shad bite. Both fish are scattered up and down the KZN and Transkei coasts, getting hammered mercilessly by anglers and marine predators alike.

It seems the DAFF ous have absolutely no chance against the hoards. At least Ezimvelo had a few tricks up their sleeves, from their decades in experience in marine law enforcement. These new guys are absolutely hopeless. It’s open season at many places. And most of the shad are still undersized. But they are still being taken. Stashed in bags in cars. And driven home unhindered.

Out in the ocean it’s birds and dolphins criss-crossing and up and down the coast non-stop. Whales rejoicing out back. The ski-boaters are getting the odd daga salmon in amongst good hauls of reds. Garrick anglers are waiting impatiently for National Garrick Day. The night time is the right time to target the grunter and kob at river mouths, I am SURE that many fish being caught are NOT being reported. Never on Facey, that’s for sure.

Anyways, I am home (Sean) for two weeks and am available for fishing on the river or the sandspit, DAY AND NIGHT…get in touch on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671 to chat.

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