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How about this for a musselcracker! With Uncle Skomolo himself hoisting it for a photo.

Musselcracker by Brian Lange
Musselcracker by Brian Lange

We don’t often catch these magnificent and tasty fish – this one would last us for ages! Cooked any way you like, the flesh is sweet and oily.

They are kind of vulnerable as they are resident, and endemic to our coastline. And easy to catch, they live in any reef system from the shore to 60 metres or more. And when you pull one up from the deep, it’s very difficult to get the fish back down for a successful release. But on a quiet day, with the right bait and right tackle, you can get your bottom fish of a lifetime in the form of a big black steenbras, as they are also known. Skomolo is another name for these mean fighting and angry looking fish. And Poenskop?! Latin name  Cymatoceps nasutus.

You are only allowed one of these fish per day, and it must be half a metre in length. But even one a day would be too many. It should be one per month or something more meaningful.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on our next fish braai – there might even be some musselcracker on the menu!

And a few scenes taken down at The Umzimkulu Marina…

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