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Long weekend fishing report Port Shepstone

Matt Wainwright bending on a Hammerhead Shark

Long weekend fishing report Port Shepstone

Our Long weekend fishing report reads something like this;

  • local angler got a 5kg kobbie on a paddletail very early Friday morning
  • Steve and co from the UK stoked with his two sharp toothed catfish, an eel and a perch
  • Mark and co from Durbs got a nice kingfish for their hard work in the dirtiesh water
  • the bottom fishing guys on Niteshift caught some lovely bright red cardinal snapper and a big black steenbras
  • Gizmo skippered by Matt Wainwright lucked into some tuna and bought one tasty little yellowfin home
Matt Wainwright scanning for tuna
Matt Wainwright scanning for tuna on his boat Gizmo, off Port Shepstone


The news of the kob being back in the river mouth had many anglers lining the shore all weekend. Some were lucky, others not so much.

Whilst checking the launch conditions at the mouth, I am always on the lookout for sharks. Since we have seen so many lately. Big Zambezi’s swimming nonchalantly through the mouth and up into the Umzimkulu River, where they might give birth. Everyone is abuzz with these shark sightings, nobody really recalls ever seeing so many free swimming sharks. So, as I stop the car and stare across at some children who are swimming/playing, in the huge shorebreak of The Sandspit. I am still mulling this over in my head, when a 2 metre blackfin shark fully breaches and spins over re-entering the water in a split second. It was so fast. And nobody else seemed to see it. This shark was 20 metres from these free swimming idiot parented kids?!

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