Zambezi Sharks enjoying the Umzimkulu

Umzimkulu Marina view from picture swing

Zambezi Sharks enjoying the Umzimkulu

There have been a number of recent sightings of Zambezi Sharks enjoying the Umzimkulu River lately. A huge shark swam right up and almost into our boat early this morning.

A week or so back, two big mommas were cruising the outflowing chocolate water of the Umzimkulu after some serious inland rain. The catchment of the Umzimkulu is monumental and we feel any and all rain from inland.

It is these conditions that the momma Zambezis have been waiting for, to get way up the river, and pop out their pups, in a batch of about 12 at a time. Fully developed and ready to start eating.

Luckily the river is full of stuff for them to eat, and growing at between 7 and 10 kgs per year, they will eventually reach 2 metres or so, when they will leave the confines of the river, and head on out to sea. To colonise some unfortunate reef out in the ocean somewhere.

Rumour has it that these pups, when they are pregnant, will return, turtle style, back into the exact same river they were born in. And therefore, we have a lineage, of sharks out there, with the surname Umzimkulu.

Let’s hope this lineage survives the apocalypse.

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